Publications – UKCCSC project

The publications listed below are those directly attributable to TSEC (UKCCSC) funding. They are emphatically not all the publications by the researchers involved in the UKCCSC, and many more publications have been influenced or inspired by the project. Links within the tables are to pdf versions of the papers.

2008 and in press

AuthorTitleJournalIssue no.Pages
Gibbins J. and Chalmers, H.Preparing for a global roll-out: a “developed country first” demonstration program for rapid CCS deploymentEnergy Policy


Gilfillan, S.M.V., Ballentine, C.J., Holland, G., Blagburn, D., Sherwood Lollar, B., Stevens, S., Schoell, M. and Cassidy, M.The noble gas geochemistry of natural CO2 gas reservoirs from the Colorado Plateau and Rocky Mountain provinces, USAGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta72


Verdon, J.P., Angus, D.A., Kendall, J-M. and Hall, S.A.The effects of microstructure and nonlinear stress on anisotropic seismic velocitiesGeophysicsin pressin press
Wilkinson, M., Gilfillan, S.M.V., Haszeldine, R. S. and Ballentine, C.J.Plumbing the depths – testing natural tracers of subsurface CO2 origin and leakage, Utah, USAAAPG Special Publication on CO2 sequestration, edited by Grosse, pressin press


AuthorTitleJournalIssue no.Pages
Angus, D.A., Kendall, J-M. Fisher, Q. Dutko, M. Crook, A.J.L. Hall, S.A. Verdon, J.P.Linking coupled fluid-flow and geomechanical models with rock physics derived elastic models for reservoir seismic forward modelling applications,Proceeedings of the 69th Mtg.: Eur. Assn. Geosci. Eng.69D006
Bickle, M., Chadwick, A., Huppert, H.E., Hallworth, M., and Lyle, S.,Modelling carbon dioxide accumulation at Sleipner: Implications for underground carbon storageEarth and Planetary Science Letters


Bijeljic, B. and Blunt, M.J.Pore-scale modeling of transverse dispersionWater Resources ResearchW12S11NA
Chalmers, H. and Gibbins, J.Initial evaluation of the impact of post-combustion capture of carbon dioxide on supercritical pulverised coal power plant part load performanceFuel862109-2123
Downie, M.J., Seevam, P.N. and Race, J.M.Transport of CO2 for Carbon Capture and Storage in the UKProceedings of Offshore Europe 2007, September 2007, Aberdeen, UK



Gough, G.State of the Art in carbon dioxide capture and storageInternational Journal of Greenhouse Gas control2155-168
Odeh, N. and Cockerill, T.T.Life cycle GHG assessment of fossil fuel power plants with carbon capture and storageEnergy Policy36367-380
Odeh, N. and Cockerill, T.T.Life cycle analysis of UK coal-fired power plantsEnergy Conversion and Management49212-220
Race, J.M., Seevam, P.N. and Downie, M.J.Challenges for Offshore Transport of Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide.Proceedings of OMAE2007- 26th International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering 2007, San Diego, USA: American Society of Mechanical EngineersNANA


AuthorTitleJournalIssue no.Pages
Ghanbari S., Pickup G. and Mackay E.,Simulation of CO2 Storage in Saline AquifersTrans IChemE, Part A83764-775
Haugan, P.M, Turley,C. and Poertner, H.O.Effects on the marine environment of ocean acidification resulting from elevated levels of CO2 in the atmosphereDN-utredning 2006-11Jan-36
Juanes, R., Spiteri, E J., Orr Jr., F.M. and Blunt, M.J.Impact of relative permeability hysteresis on geological CO2 storageWater Resources Research42, W124180
Liu, S., Wang, Y., Yu, L. and Oakey, J.Thermodynamic equilibrium study of trace element transformation during underground coal gasificationFuel Processing Technology3209-215
Liu, S., Wang, Y., Yu, L. and Oakey, J.

Volatilization of mercury, arsenic and selenium during underground coal gasification

Reiner, D.M. , Curry, T.E. , de Figueiredo, M.A., Herzog, H.J., Ansolabehere, S.D., Itaoka, K., Johnsson, F., Odenberger, M.“American Exceptionalism? Similarities and differences in national attitudes towards energy policy and global warming”Environmental Science & Technology402093-2098

See also papers written for the GHGT8 Conference, June 2006

Selected other publications by researchers involved in the UKCCSC:

Bentham, M., 2006, An assessment of carbon sequestration potential in the UK. Southern North Sea case study. Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research Working Paper 85, University of Manchester

Kemp, A.G. and Swierzbinski, J., 2007, Long-Term Option Contracts for Carbon Emissions, NORTH SEA STUDY OCCASIONAL PAPER No. 105, Department of Economics, University of Aberdeen.

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