Progress Meeting Nottingham 18 – 19 April 2007

The presentations from the meeting can be downloaded from here, listed in no particular order.

First though, here’s a brief summary of the meeting written by Hannah Chalmers. It contains all those rash promises you made, figuring that no one would remember who had promised to do what…

Session Notes by Hannah Chalmers


Theme A Overview by Adina Bosoaga

Geological Storage by British Geological Survey (BGS)

CCS Policy Developments by Jon Gibbins

Imperial College Update by Mathieu Lucquiaud et al.

CCS and the Environment by Carol Turley

Photocatalytic CO2 reduction by M. George and A. Cowan

Caprock Leakage by Andy Aplin

Subsurface Flow Modelling by Martin Blunt, Branko Bijeljic, et al.

Power Plants by Anser Shakoor et al.

Benthic Microcosm Experiments by Steve Widdicombe et al.

ASGARD (Artifical Soil Gassing etc) by Karon Smith et al.

Leakage from faults by Quentin Fisher et al.

Pipeline Transport by Osgur Gundogan

Natural Analogues by Stuart Gilfillan

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