Biannual Meeting Edinburgh 30-31 March 2010

The UK CCS Community Network hosted a meeting at the University of Edinburgh on 30-31 March 2010 to bring together all fields of CCS research in addition to government and industry. The meeting aimed to allow attendees to network amongst other CCS researchers and interested non-academics, to update themselves on recent developments in the CCS academic research scene and reinforce links between the project teams. The meeting was open to all academics and to other organisations and individuals with a CCS interest.

On 30 March, Professor Jon Gibbins presented (on Jacqui Williams’ behalf) an overview of the research councils CCS funding and their vision for the future and also gave his own reflective look back on how CCS research has evolved in recent years. Shadow Energy Minister, Charles Hendry then addressed the group on the Conservative plan and expectations for CCS in the future. The afternoon presentations included overviews of three recently funded research projects and a social science view on how CCS research is taking form.

On 31 March, Thea Hutchinson of Ofgem gave an overview of Project Discovery and prompted the group to think further about the policy and modelling issues involved during the break-out groups later that morning. Mike Farley of Doosan Power Systems then gave an industry response to Project Discovery. The group then broke out into 5 groups to further discuss the topics of:

  1. Policy implications for Ofgem’s Project Discovery
  2. Modelling related to Ofgem’s Project Discovery
  3. Identification of equity and justice issues that are relevant to CCS
  4. International engagement of the CCS Community
  5. Scoping the future of UKCCSC Network roles and activities

The meeting closed after reconvening to share the output from breakout group discussions.


Tuesday 30 March 2010

14.00 Jon Gibbins University of Edinburgh Welcome, UKCCSC Network and general CCS update
14.15 Jacqui Williams, EPSRC CCS research funders update presented by Jon Gibbons in Jacqui’s absence
14.45 Plenary discussion
15.00 Charles Hendry MP, Shadow Energy Minister “Carbon capture and storage – plans for decarbonising fossil fuel use in the UK”
16.00 New academic CCS projects since November meeting

16.45 Professor Gordon Walker Energy and Equity: INCLUSEV network

Wednesday 31 March

9.00 Thea Hutchinson, Senior Economist, Ofgem Ofgem’s Project Discovery: are the current arrangements in GB adequate for delivering secure and sustainable electricity and gas supplies over the next 10-15 years? 
10.00 Mike Farley, Doosan Power Systems Ltd Comments from industry
11.00 Breakout sessions as above, followed by reporting from each session.


Martin Sweatman University of Strathclyde Equilibrium behaviour of a novel gas separation process, with application to carbon capture

Xiayi(Eric) Hu University of Edinburgh Screening CO2 Adsorbents using the Zero Length Column Technique

Ann Barrett University of Cranfield Development of an Integrated Risk Management Framework for Carbon Capture and Storage

Martin Trusler Imperial College London Experimental Measurement and Modelling of Vapour-liquid Equilibria of CO2-H2O-amine systems

Martin Trusler Imperial College London Phase Behaviour of Carbon Dioxide Mixtures Under Reservoir Conditions

Niall McDowell Imperial College London Integrated solvent and process design for CO2 capture

Niall McDowell Imperial College London Spatially explicit static model of CO2 capture and transmission networks

Kola Liadi Mudashiru University of Newcastle The future prospect of power generation from underground coal gasification

Jason Cook University of Edinburgh System Analysis of Integrating a Pyrolysis Biochar System Within a Working Arable Farm In Scotland

Michael Steven, Karon Smith and Jeremy Colls University of Nottingham Monitoring impacts of CO2 leaks at the land surface.

Niklas Heinemann University of Edinburgh The impact of simulated mutual dissolution of CO2 and water on the short term pressure build-up of pressure CO2 injection

Jennifer Roberts University of Edinburgh Investigating the subsurface plumbing of CO2 fluids in central Italy

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