7 December 2005

Hi Folks,


There are 2 news items today.


Firstly, there is an report available on the web that may interest people, titled “CO2 for EOR on the Norwegian shelf: a case study”




It is written by Bellona, who are presumably some sort of NGO or maybe a for-profit company. The file is large, scrolling through it is like swimming in treacle, and it is translated from Norwegian (!). Good luck.




Secondly, for anyone who feels like escaping the winter gloom there is the CO2SC conference in Berkley, California March 20-22nd 2006 (March may be spring in Plymouth but it isn’t up here!). Titled “International Symposium  on site characterisation for CO2 geological storage” there is a web-site at




The site has all the info you’d expect, along with a local weather forecast. It looked rather nice earlier today…


Cheers, Mark


Dr Mark Wilkinson

UKCCSC website administrator

University of Edinburgh

Consortium and Network