30 September 2005

Dear All,


As some of you will already know, the responsibility for UKCCSC internal dissemination is passing from Hannah Chalmers to Mark Wilkinson at Edinburgh University, i.e. to me! So here’s the first circular from me, probably the first of many. If anyone has things they want circulating, but are too shy to use the distribution list from this message, you can pass them onto me and I’ll do it for you. If you reply to this message, and don’t want everybody else to get a copy, be careful which reply mode you use!


News notices:


1) The Scottish Executive have released “Carbon Capture and Storage Market Opportunities”, a report aimed at the Scottish business community. This is the a seriously pro-CCS document.


Available at: https://www.scottish-enterprise.com/sedotcom_home/sig/sig-energy/energy-oilandgas/energy-oilandgas-help/energy-oilandgas-research.htm#carbon_capture


2) The long-awaited IPCC report is at https://www.ipcc.ch/


Admin notices:


1) Please find attached the work plan template.  Subtheme leaders should send the text for their sections to the theme leaders as arranged and in any case no later than Friday 21 October.   Theme leaders will then collate and edit the sections for their theme and circulate to the Management Committee members by Friday 28 October.


2) Also, can project participants return their completed xls grids to their theme leaders by this Friday (30th Sept).  The theme leaders/management committee will then collate these and use them to identify cross-links etc so that people have any extra information they need for writing their work plans asap.


3) Attached are some summary notes from the meeting last week. These include images of many of the presentations given. There is also a timetable for theme leaders and sub-leaders, as above.


Web-site notices (I’m also the UKCCSC web-site administrator):


1) The web-site includes a section of sub-project summaries (https://www.co2capture.org.uk/UKCCSC/Summaries/) written using the original TSEC bid document. Consequently, some of the summaries may be very out of date. If you are a theme or sub-theme leader and would like something a bit more relevant putting in place, just send the revised text and figures to me.



2) There is also a section of project results which is rather sparsely populated at the moment – I’ve not made loads of empty pages as this will make finding any actual results very difficult, but the index is there (https://www.co2capture.org.uk/UKCCSC/Results/). We intend to devolve responsibility for the contents of each sub-project to the leader of that project – i.e. we give you a password and userID, and you can put whatever you like in the relevant section.


So, if you are a sub-theme leader, and feel that you have some results to display (even the name and contact details of PhD students or Post-Docs would be a start) then contact me. I will then create a suitable page and let you loose on it.


That’s all folks, Mark


Dr Mark Wilkinson

UKCCSC website administrator

University of Edinburgh


Consortium and Network