3 November 2005

Hi Folks,


With the warmest October on record just past, it looks like climate change will stay on the political agenda for a while. Apparently, the coming winter might break a few records for being the coldest … how do they work these things out?


Here are 2 events that may be of interest to UKCCSC members:


North Sea Rim Countries Seminar – CO2 Capture and Storage: Collaborative Options for

CO2 Storage Beneath the North Sea.


Flyer, Registration form and accommodation form are all attached.


This event is being held in London on Wednesday 30 November 2005.   If you would like to attend complete the registration form. If you have any queries regarding this event please contact Sheena Newell, details below.


Sheena Newell

Future Energy Solutions

Gemini Building

Fermi Avenue


Oxon  OX11 0QR



Tel: +44 (0) 870 190 6207

Fax: +44 (0) 870 190 6318

email: sheena.newell@aeat.co.uk




Secondly, This yearÕs GWPC Annual UIC Conference, Carbon Capture & Geologic Storage: From Science to Regulation will consist of presentations on the latest science and technology related to the underground injection and storage of captured CO2, followed by discussions of regulatory considerations as they apply to the practice. 


To be held  in Austin , Texas, dates Jan 23 – 25, 2006.


The call for abstracts is attached (TexasFlyer.doc)


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Dr Mark Wilkinson

UKCCSC website administrator

University of Edinburgh

Consortium and Network