23 November 2005

Hi Folks,


Sorry about the short notice, but the DTI are holding a series of meetings “TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMME INFORMATION DAYS, 24th November – 9th December 2005.


“The Information Days will provide delegates with the opportunity to hear from and meet with DTI Technology Managers and co-ordinators as well as network with business and academics sharing similar interests in the technology areas of the Autumn 2005 Competition.”


The competition has £63 M as prize money, aimed at business not Universities, though collaboration might not be impossible?


Venues range across the country, with the first in Edinburgh (I plan to attend):


    *     Edinburgh, 28th November with Scottish Executive – focus on energy


    * York, 30th November with Yorkshire Forward – focus on waste minimisation/resource efficiency


    * Manchester, 1st December with NWDA – focus on data and content storage, management, retrieval and analysis


    * London, 5th December with EMDA Ð focus on design of electrical and electronic control power systems


    * London, 8th December with Invest NI Ð focus on materials modelling


    * London, 9th December with SEEDA & LDA Ð focus on regenerative medicine



Info at:  https://www.dti.gov.uk/technologyprogramme/November_2005_information.htm



Slainte, Mark


Dr Mark Wilkinson

UKCCSC website administrator

University of Edinburgh

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