China’s CCUS Supply Chain: Removing Barriers to Create Opportunities to Align with UK Capability

The UK Department for Business and Trade has partnered with the UK-China (Guangdong) CCUS Centre, and ACCA21 in China and the UKCCSRC in the UK for a project investigating ‘China’s CCUS Supply Chain: removing barriers to create opportunities to align with UK capability’.

The purpose of the project is to gather and disseminate information about the strengths and capabilities of the UK and China in the CCUS sector and determine areas where UK companies can potentially benefit from China’s growing CCUS economy through exports and investments.

Work in China will develop an overview, based on public domain information that can be widely disseminated, of the opportunities available for the types of goods and services that might be offered by UK CCUS supply chain companies in China.

UK companies and organisations are invited to identify their CCUS experience, CCUS-related capabilities and their interests and requirements for accessing the Chinese CCUS market in a short survey (registration form below).

Companies also have the opportunity to sign up for communications on future engagement activities (virtual and in-person) on CCUS between the UK and China to promote joint awareness of opportunities for alignment.

The UKCCSRC hosted a webinar on Thursday 11th May 2023 providing insights and updates on China’s CCUS progress and opportunities.  Speakers’ slides and a recording of the event are available below.

The report summarising the project outputs is now available.

Presentation slides


Xi Liang - CCUS Progress in China


Changyou Xia - CCUS Development Planning in Guangdong and Ningxia

Webinar recording