Cement and steel – nine steps to net zero

We’re delighted to share with our community the publication in Nature of UKCCSRC Deputy Director Paul Fennell’s article, ‘Cement and steel – nine steps to net zero’, co-authored with Justin Driver, Christopher Bataille and Steven J Davis.

To achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, efforts must be made to decarbonise industrial processes including cement and steel production, currently seen as the dirtiest industries on the planet.  This article evaluates the potential impact of 9 approaches, including the adoption of the latest technology in plants; reducing demand by reviewing building codes; reinventing steel and cement production and using alternative fuels; the use of carbon capture and storage, storage of CO2 in concrete; recycling steel; and suggestions on how to overcome the economic hurdles of scaling up low carbon heavy industries.

You can read ‘Cement and steel – nine steps to net zero’ here.

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