CCUS for Net-Zero seminars

CCUS for Net Zero seminars for government employees and UKCCSRC ECRs – summer 2021

We ran twice weekly seminars ‘CCUS for net-zero’ from 22nd June to 19th August 2021 at 10am Tuesdays and Thursdays, exclusively for government employees, regulators, funding bodies and our ECR members. These are ideal as a CPD resource for non-technical colleagues, or if you are less familiar with a particular area of CCUS. All sessions were led by experienced academics, and will feature a presentation and a short Q&A. The presentations have mostly recorded as a resource for our website, with recording stopped following the presentation to enable free discussion – please see the resources page for this series here.

22-Jun-21CCUS for net-zero overviewDr Hannah Chalmers, University of Edinburgh & UKCCSRC
24-Jun-21Climate change science and the role of CCSProf Myles Allen, University of Oxford
29-Jun-21Capture overview: post-combustion (amines)Prof Jon Gibbins, University of Sheffield & UKCCSRC
01-Jul-21Capture overview: pre-combustion (hydrogen) and oxyfuelProf Jon Gibbins, University of Sheffield & UKCCSRC
06-Jul-21Permanent storage of CO2Prof Stuart Haszeldine, University of Edinburgh & UKCCSRC
08-Jul-21Public acceptanceDr David Reiner, University of Cambridge & UKCCSRC
13-Jul-21CO2 transportProf Haroun Mahgerefteh, UCL
15-Jul-21CCUS for energy-intensive industriesProf Paul Fennell, Imperial College London & UKCCSRC
20-Jul-21BECCS and DACCSProf Niall Mac Dowell, Imperial College London & UKCCSRC
22-Jul-21CO2 utilisation: carbonation and sustainable aviation fuelsProf Paula Carey, Carbon8, Prof Mohamed Pourkashanian, University of Sheffield & UKCCSRC
27-Jul-21CCS in ChinaDr Xi Liang, University of Edinburgh
29-Jul-21CCS in NLJan Hopman, CATO
03-Aug-21CCS in USADr Rudra Kapila, Senior Policy Advisor for Carbon Management, Third Way, Washington DC
05-Aug-21Possible future CO2 capture technologiesProf Paul Fennell, Imperial College London & UKCCSRC
10-Aug-21Environmental issues and permitting for CCS projectsJohn Henderson, Environment Agency
12-Aug-21CCS in NorwayDr Mona Mølnvik, NCCS
17-Aug-21CCS in energy system modellingProf Goran Strbac, Imperial College London & UKCCSRC
19-Aug-21Financing and risk (insurable and non-insurable) aspects of CCUS projectsAllan Baker, Societe Generale
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