CCUS goes big-time!

Hear our Director Prof Jon Gibbins’ thoughts on today’s key announcements on the Net Zero Strategy and the Track 1 CCUS clusters: “The Net Zero Strategy released today gives excellent scope for CCUS to show what it can do. The commitment to deploy CCUS in a minimum of two industrial clusters by the mid-2020s, and four by 2030 is now matched by a realistic aim to capture and store 20-30 MtCO2 per year by 2030, including at least 5 MtCO2 for engineered carbon dioxide removal from the air (and with CDR rising to around 23 MtCO2 by 2035). Congratulations to the first two of these clusters, Hynet and East Coast, announced today, but the other two cannot be very far behind to meet this timeline. This is definitely giving CCUS the opportunity to show what it can do and, with its new funding, the UKCCSRC is ready to support what is guaranteed to be an exciting – and challenging – decade.”

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