CCS knowledge sharing in Mexico

This week Prof Jon Gibbins, UKCCSRC Director and Dr Bruce Adderley, UKCCSRC Executive Manager, are in Mexico supporting an initiative which is part of the UK’s outreach programme of CCUS. The meeting, running from 22nd to 26th January, also has talks from UKCCSRC members Dr Laura Herraiz Palomino, University of Edinburgh and Dr Maria Elena Diego de Paz, University of Sheffield.

The UK government is committed to sharing the knowledge from UK CCS projects and to learning from other projects around the world. The aim is to help accelerate CCS cost reduction, as well as sharing information from the reports it commissions. This information is beneficial to academia and the CCS industry, as well as raising the public profile of CCS.

Over 50 attendees will spend the week discussing how CCUS on power and natural gas can help Mexico reach its very ambitious national greenhouse gas emission and economic growth targets. Natural gas power with post-combustion capture is a major area of interest for Mexico and there are plans to build a large pilot unit soon. The key knowledge deliverables from the Peterhead Project have been a major reference for this meeting.

This event has been organised by SENER, hosted by CFE and funded by the World Bank

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