BEIS Phase 2 shortlist published – a score for CCS!


Twenty CO2 capture projects have been named that have met the eligibility criteria for the BEIS Phase 2 selection process, out of forty-one applicants.  These will now proceed to the due diligence stage of the Phase 2 Cluster Sequencing process, where metrics such as the detailed value-for-money proposition for the UK will be assessed.  The projects themselves will also be working hard to complete front end engineering studies and other arrangements so they are ready to make final investments decisions if they receive funding offers from the government – noting that the small print says “This shortlist does not imply availability of funding for any or all of the shortlisted projects, but is purely the outcome of assessment against the Phase 2 criteria.”

This is a significant step in progressing UK CCS ambitions to have four CCS clusters in place by 2030.  There is obviously still a lot of additional work – by government, regulators and industry – to be done to achieve this, starting with identifying additional, Track 2, clusters and projects, as well as bringing some of these first projects to successful completion.

What this announcement does, however, is focus attention on some real examples of putting CO2 capture knowledge into practice, and this will highlight applications for existing expertise as well as areas where additional information might be useful in the future.  All of the successful Phase 2 projects will be invited to participate in the forthcoming UKCCSRC Conference on 7-8 September in Edinburgh and contribute to the interesting discussions that can be expected there.