ECR Activity Fund - 2019

Total amount for 2019: £5,000

Aim of award: To enable ECRs to arrange their own activities in areas that are of interest to them within CCS


  • Up to £1,000 is available for each activity
  • Proposers must be a UKCCSRC ECR member
  • 3 or more ECRs to work together to arrange each activity (collaboration across institutes is encouraged but not mandatory)
  • ECRs can only lead on one application but may be named collaborators on other applications
  • ECR Member eligibility will be checked for the lead proposer and collaborating ECRs (main criterion is that the applicants are still eligible for the EPSRC New Investigator Award)
  • The activity must be open (and free) for all UKCCSRC ECRs to attend (if there is a high number wanting to attend UKCCSRC will consider a request to increase the amount available).
  • All types of activity will be considered – the topic itself can be as specific as the proposers deem necessary so long as it can be considered to be relevant to CCS
  • Expected outputs – Blog/case study including a follow up phone call with Katie, UKCCSRC Communications Officer, to see if the meeting has or will lead to other work/collaborations etc.
  • Please contact the UKCCSRC Secretariat if you would like to involve/have as speakers - members of the IAP/UKCCSRC Research Team, etc
  • Activities will be advertised/communicated through the UKCCSRC website/newsletter
  • Costs are to be covered by the ‘host’ institute and then reclaimed via invoice to the UKCCSRC following the meeting at a 100% recovery rate (up to £1,000)
  • Prior authorisation needs to be sought if costs increase be 10% or rise above £1,000
  • Terms and Conditions

Examples of things that could be covered by the Fund:

  • Webinars
  • Room hire for a meeting/workshop (ECRs should consider utilising rooms that can be booked free of charge at their institutes)
  • Catering (lunch) for the meeting
  • Travel (and accommodation if necessary) costs of any speakers
  • The time of a specialist speaker
  • Public Engagement activities
  • Tours of facilities
  • This is a chance for you to be creative!

Assessment Process:

The applications will be peer reviewed by the ECR community following closure of the call (ECRs will log in to the UKCCSRC website to do this)
Once the deadline for applications has passed the UKCCSRC ECR community will be notified and the proposals will be available for review via the UKCCSRC website 
UKCCSRC ECR members will be able to select their top 3 proposals
The exact number of funded activities will depend on both the quality of the proposals received and the available budget
The UKCCSRC reserves the absolute right to interpret these rules and make final award decisions




Application Deadline: 
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