Yong Yan at the 9th International Symposium on Measurement Techniques for Multiphase Flows

Written by Professor Yong Yan from University of Kent who is Principal Investigator on UKCCSRC Call 2 Project CO2 Flow Metering through Multi-Modal Sensing and Statistical Data Fusion

The 9th International Symposium on Measurement Techniques for Multiphase Flows (ISMTMF) was held 23-25 September 2015 at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan. ISMTMF is a biennial event and one of the very few international conferences focusing on multiphase flow measurement. I started to attend this conference series since 2011 in view of the close relevance to my research interests.

For historical reasons the event attracts more delegates from Japan and China than those from other countries, although there has been a good representation of the UK’s multiphase flow metering research community in recent years. The technical programme of this year’s ISMTMF includes three plenary talks, six keynote lectures and 115 technical presentations, covering a range of multiphase flow metering topics from measurement theories to sensor design and from computational simulation to industrial applications. The event gave me an opportunity to meet fellow researchers and practitioners in the field of multiphase flow measurement. It was good to meet up with the acquaintances at previous ISMTMF conferences and make some new contacts at this conference in Sapporo. In the technical session – Flowmetering for Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flows, I presented a paper entitled 1“Development of a CO2 two-phase flow rig for flowmeter testing and calibration”. The paper reports our recent progress in the our UKCCSRC Call 2 project CO2 Flow Metering through Multi-Modal Sensing and Statistical Data Fusion. Useful feedback was received from a few members of the audience after the presentation and through discussions during the refreshment break. It was recognised that the design and construction of a CO2 two-phase flow rig were challenging due to the high pressures involved, but the endeavours were well worthwhile in view of its significance in the CCS industry and multiphase flow metering community.

The event was very well organised with a good mix of technical sessions and social activities. The organising committee not only provided high quality food, but also gave us all a great memory about the City of Sapporo. The bus tour to Ski-Jump Vista Point in Sapporo at the end of the second day of the conference was memorable as well as the banquet at Sapporo TV Tower Restaurant. A group photo was taken at the conference site (I am the 2nd from the right in the front row!). 

1The paper contains confidential information so cannot not be made publicly available for now