Winter School 2017 Blog: Winter School in View of an ECR

For an early career researcher who is just on the starting phase of his work in the field of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) the basics of CCS, different techniques in use, current research going on future scenario of CCS all matter a lot for the success of his work.

In view of the above hurdles the winter schools in the field of CCS are very important for his future. So being one of the ECRs I am really obliged to the UKCCSRC who provided me with an opportunity to attend the winter school in Nottingham 13-16 February 2017. The winter school provided me an excellent opportunity to know what is currently going on around the world in the CCS family and what is the future of CCS.

The winter school comprised of 4 days having different activities starting on 13th February with presentations from different keynote speakers who presented their work in the CCS field and presentation from the ECRs as well shown below.

The poster session was a really good experience for me because you can interact with different ECRs from different universities you can find new ideas solution of different problems by having a productive discussion and question/answer session with the students and the judges.

The field trip to the GE Rugby plant was an added advantage to have a practical insight about what is going on in the testing industry of the steam turbines what are the hurdles in the testing of this robust machine. It also provided us an opportunity to relax our mind by having some time away.

The group activity was the main positive which I took with me after the winter school because during the group activity I came to know about the different legislative documents, how I can approach these document, Impact of the legislative documents on your work etc., how to work in a team specially to involve all the team members in the work and benefit them from this activity.

Finally, I am grateful to all the persons who involved in the successful completion of this winter school.