Winter School 2017 Blog: Group work, presentation and award.

This blog was provided by Suoton Philip Peletiri, University of Bradford and Shreenath Krishnamurthy, University of Edinburgh, their attendance at the ECR Winter School 2017 was supported by the UKCCSRC.

The 4 day winter school brought together researchers working on all the three aspects of CCS, capture, transportation and storage. The talks from the invited speakers shed light on the challenges faced by CCS in the UK and educated us on the potential opportunities. Our knowledge was further enhanced by our visit to GE in Rugby, where we had a chance to look at a pilot scale turbine.

The spirit of team playing was put to the test when the participants were grouped into fives to brainstorm on some UK government policy consultation documents. Our group (group A) picked at random the document on “Coal Generation in Great Britain: The pathway to a low-carbon future: Consultation document.” Five participants that have never met before and were unknown to one another were put together to discuss issues and come up with a presentation within 2 days. The initial hurdles of working together were easily crossed when the group members started talking. Every group member went through the document meticulously. By the second day, the task was split into two groups with two persons in a group with the leader having the responsibility of sorting out references and consulting with the groups. By the end of the day a presentation was prepared for the talk the following morning. First group to go, each member took about 2 minutes to present a section of the document.  Every group gave their best and this was indeed a great learning experience. At the end of the program group A won the best presentation prize.

The joy of winning a prize was not lost on any member as we posed with smile for a photograph.