UKCCSRC Mission to Canada

A UK delegation, consisting of Trevor Drage (University of Nottingham), Professor Jon Gibbins (University of Edinburgh), Stuart Haszeldine (University of Edinburgh), Mohamed Pourkashanian (University of Leeds), David Reiner (University of Cambridge), Jacqui Williams (EPSRC), Richard Smith and Jim Cooper (Howden Group), Alan Brewin (National Physical Laboratories) and David J Evans (British Geological Survey) visited a number of institutes in western Canada from 20-24 August 2012 in order to further knowledge and ties with Canadian universities and industries carrying out work into CCS.

Places visited:

Calgary – Carbon Management Canada
Edmonton – Alberta Innovates Technology Futures
Regina – Petroleum Technology Research Centre
Ottawa – CanmetENERGY


UKCCSRC presentation.

Presentations available:



Pipeline Engineering Capabilities and Initiatives at the University of Calgary, Frank Cheng

CO2 Emissions from CCS – Measurement Technologies and Validation, Alan Brewin, National Physical Laboratory

QUEST Update, Anita Spence, Shell

Role of Microbes in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Gerrit Voordouw

Challenge at the Climate/Energy Nexus, Richard Adamson, Carbon Management Canada

Geomechanical Effects of CO2 Injection under Thermal and Fracturing Conditions, Somayeh Goodarzi/Dr. Antonin Settari, University of Calgary

Reverse Gas-lift Technology for CO2 Storage into Deep Saline Aquifers, Shafaei, MJ., Abedi, J., Hassanzadeh, H., Chen, Z., University of Calgary

Overview of Alberta Innovates – Energy & Environment Solutions (AI-EES) CCS Activities, Duke du Plessis

Community Perspectives of CCS, Amanda Dawn Boyd, University of Calgary

Energy Innovations to Manufacture Clean Energy from Alberta’s Deep Coals, SwanHills Synfuels

Carbon Capture and Storage, ICO2N



Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures, JP Tetreau



Petroleum Technology Research Centre’s (PTRC) IEAGHG Weyburn-Midale CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project and PTRC’s Aquistore Project, Malcolm Wilson

Boundary Dam Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Project, SaskPower

Carbon Capture Test Facility, SaskPower

Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS), The SaskPower Story