The United Kingdom Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre (UKCCSRC) Early Career Researchers (ECRs) workshop hosted by the University of Manchester on the 2nd of July 2019 was well tailored to the needs of the ECRs with regards to opportunities that are available for their professional development and ultimately advancement of CCS.

The workshop kicked off with the much-needed icebreaker session for the ECRs after opening remarks by the Director of UKCCSRC in the person of Prof. Jon Gibbins. Thereafter, Dr. Simon Brown took to the stage and presented ethics, dos and don’ts of networking during professional, social or casual meetings. Dr. C. Gough, J. Miller, Dr. B. Livesey and Dr. Solomon Brown all had opportunities to speak about their career endeavours and offered answers to questions posed by the ECRs with regards to career planning.

Six (6) ECRs that have benefited from UKCCSRC activity and research grants also spoke about how these opportunities have benefitted them and the valuable research output produced as a result. Grant writing skills and UKCCSRC opportunities parallel sessions were organized to assist ECRs in gaining an insightful understanding of the process of applying for activity and research grant opportunities. The workshop, which was of great value to the ECRs ended with feedback from the ECRs on how best to tailor subsequent sessions.