UKCCSRC September 2017 Biannual: Transport & Storage

My name is Suoton Philip Peletiri, a PhD student from University of Bradford and I attended the UKCCSRC Biannual at Sheffield on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 September 2017. I have been a regular beneficiary of UKCCSRC funding.

As a research student in the field of CCS, this meeting enriched me academically. It is always educating to meet men and women from the industry and academia. There were several presentations delivered in three parallel sessions divided into Transport and Storage, Biomass and Capture. I attended the transport and storage sessions.

Dr. Richard Graham’s presentation titled “Modelling the Thermophysical Properties of Impure CO2,” where he talked about three levels of modelling. The second level, the molecular level is of interest to me. In addition, the presentation by Prof. Haroun Mahgerefteh titled “The Development and Demonstration of Best Practice for the Safe Start-up Injection of CO2 into Depleted Gas Fields” was of immense benefit. Though he considered a vertical pipe in the wellbore and my research is on horizontal and inclined pipelines, the temperature change during the flow of CO2 was of interest. These presentations are close to my research and I am glad to have attended. I shall contact them later for more information.

UKCCSRC is building the bonds of friendship between students as we meet during events hosted by UKCCSRC. It was exciting to see some friends from earlier events and make new ones during this meeting.

>>Get the slides from the biannual meeting