UKCCSRC September 2017 Biannual: ECR Session- What can UKCCSRC do for you?

During this brainstorming session, delegates were put into several groups of 5-8 people in which they interactively discussed how the UKCCSRC can help them promote their relevant research and engagements in outreach within the contexts of ECR funds available to various UKCCSRC-related activities, pathways to industrial engagements as well as the continuing professional developments (CPDs) and the centres for doctoral training (CDTs). The main theme questions were to discuss what activities each delegate would expect to see in certain areas and whether there are any suggestions for further improvement of such activities. 

After the topics were discussed in groups, one delegate from each group presented the group’s recommendations and findings with the rest of the delegates. which was further discussed with the rest of the people. The session continued by insightful inputs and feedback provided by the UKCCSRC experts. The session was especially useful as some aspects of the UKCCSRC activities available to the ECR network were not clearly realized previously by some of the delegates. Clarification on these were made by the UKCCSRC expert – paving the way for even further engagement in the UKCCSRC activities.

Certain interesting recommendations were posed including the need for further engagement in research with a wider range of countries which might have been overlooked but have shown excellent potential for collaborations with UKCCSRC. It was also suggested that, in addition to the ECR international funds, more funds can be allocated to the national workshops and conference to promote, even further, the inter-university collaborations.


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