UKCCSRC at GHGT-11, Kyoto, Japan

The UKCCSRC was a prominent player in the recent GHGT-11 conference in Kyoto, Japan.  We hosted a well attended international networking reception alongside the conference with over 150 attendees from around the globe.  An International Gas Network was formed that night and 100 new members signed up to the UKCCSRC Community Network. Thank you to all of our UKCCSRC members who attended and made the event such a success. 

In addition to this reception, the UKCCSRC also sponsored 10 UK post-graduate students to attend the GHGT-11 Student Programme, where they had special seminars with expert mentors who helped them plan which sessions to attend and answered technical questions about the research presented.  The feedback from our students was outstanding, and we’ll look to partner with IEAGHG again to support more UK students to attend their annual Summer School this year. 

Centre Member Papers at GHGT-11

Twenty-nine UKCCSRC members contributed to 24 papers which were presented at the conference.  These papers have now been published on the GHGT-11 website.

A paper on ‘Developing national CCS capacity and advanced skills: Examples from the UK‘ was also prepared by the UKCCSRC Management Team and presented at the meeting.