Reporting from the ECR Winter School 2015 – Mike Colechin (Energy Technologies Institute) speaking on “Creating an affordable low carbon energy system for the UK”

This blog was provided by Maria Erans Moreno, Cranfield University, whose attendance at the ECR Winter School 2015 was supported by the UKCCSRC.

Following a safe arrival to Nottingham, all the delegates checked into the rooms that the National College had prepared for us. The local PhD students were very nice and welcoming and the registration went smoothly. After the first lunch, where we all got to know a bit more about each other, we entered the room where we would spend lots of hours for the next days. A brief introduction of the personnel was conducted and then the first lecture went on.



Dr Mike Colechin from Energy Technologies Institute talked about creating an affordable low carbon system for the United Kingdom, where the key message was to create a secure, sustainable and affordable energy system meeting the targets that the UK government has imposed upon the companies. In order for that to happen the ETI was created, which is a public-private partnership between energy companies and the government to demonstrate different technologies for affordable and secure energy. Dr Colechin’s talk was very useful for us, PhD energy students looking for a greener energy future.