New Projects in the UK – September 2015 Strathclyde Biannual

Written by Yuan Sun  from the University of Nottingham, whose attendance at the UKCCSRC Autumn 2015 Biannual Meeting at the University of Strathclyde was supported by the ECR Meeting Fund.

Building the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Sector By 2030Den Gammer, Energy Technologies Institute

The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) in the United Kingdom which is established in 2007 is a public-private partnership between global industries and UK government. The role of ETI is to act as a conduit between academia, industry and the government to deliver technology development, demonstration and de-risking of new technologies.

ETI scenarios work in 2015 focused on the CCS 4th carbon budget: 10GW CCS by 2030. Then, three main scenarios will be done: “Concentrated”, “CO2-EOR” and “Balanced” by 2030. £22bn will be used to concentrate around Peterhead and White Rose and build dominate role for gas CCS with SNS storage. For “CO2-EOR”, high CO2-EOR policy support and wood report-style push will spend £22bn. The work of balanced multiple regional clusters and fuels and capture technologies may cost £31 bn.

Grangemouth CCS Project – Stephen Kerr, Summit Power – Caledonia Clean Energy Project

Summit Power Group is a 25 years old US developer of clean-energy power plant, which is focus on power plants carbon capture and sequestration. There are two CCS projects of summit power group are: Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP) and Caledonia Clean Energy Project (CCEP). CCEP contains 570MW gasification plant which can capture 90% of CO2 emission, existing on-& off-shore CO2 transport pipeline. The captured CO2 could be to help initiate CO2-EOR sector. Compared with TCEP, CCEP is an optimized design for power output and can get benefit form Contract for Difference without capital grant from Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC). CCEP will need more than £10M for the next month programme. Overall, CCEP have many benefits for the power plant, costs of CCS and environment.

UK CO2 Storage Appraisal StudySam Gomersall, Pale Blue Dot

Strategic UK CCS Storage Appraisal Project purpose is to provide confidence to CCS developer, create storage options for Phase 2 project, show the exist storage site and progress the appraisal process and schedule. The processes of this project are from screening many sites and appraising site to making output public. Some conditions were considered: regionally distribution, capacity ability, diverse types, the fit with ETI scenarios and the possibility of built. There are 5 selected portfolios from 20 sits: Bunter 36, Viking, Captain, Forties 5 and Hamilton.

Blueprint for Industrial CCS In The UKMark Lewis, Tee Valley Unlimited

In this presentation, Mark shows current situation of an industrial CCS network in the Tees Valley and how to invest this project. In the past 5years, over £3bn from multinational companies, which includes SSI, Air Products, Sembcorp and STA, SND oil & gas, BOC Linde, Huntsman Tioxide and Lotte Chemicals, has been invested in this CCS network. This CCS network contains onshore network and offshore network to specify and transport CO2.