Networking Reception, Call 1 & 2 Poster Session and Dinner – April 2015 Cranfield Biannual

This blog was written by Nuhu Musa, a UKCCSRC ECR from the University of Hull, who received funding from the ECR Meeting Fund to attend the UKCCSRC Spring 2015 Biannual in Cranfield, 21-22 April.

Another highlight of the UKCCSRC Cranfield Biannual meeting was the networking reception and Call 1 & Call 2 poster session. The session started at 17:30 at Bar and lounge, Mitchell Hall. The session was a networking opportunity for participants from different institutions and industry. The timing of the reception was excellent because it was just 15 minutes after close of a very long session which help participants to refresh themselves through meeting and talking to new people. Participants were seen networking in groups and in pairs while they seep drink of their choice. 

Call 1 and Call 2 Poster session.

The Networking reception was combined with Call 1 and Call 2 poster session. In this session, posters were displayed from different projects sponsored by UKCCSRC. The posters features project title, Aim and Objectives, Results/Discussions and conclusions.


Call 1 Posters

  • Glacistore: Understanding Late Cenozoic Glaciation and Basin Processes for the Development of secure Large-scale Offshore CO2 Storage (North Sea) (Principal Investigator- Maxine Akhurst of British Geological Society).
  • Mixed matrix membrane for post-combustion capture (Principal Investigator-Maria-Chiara Ferrari of University of Edinburgh).
  • Determination of water solubility limits in CO2 mixtures to deliver water specification levels for CO2 transportation (Principal Investigator-Mike George of University of Nottingham).
  • Tractable equations of state for CO2 mixtures in CCS: Algorithms for automated generation and optimization, tailored to end-users (Principal Investigator-Richard Graham of University of Nottingham).
  • Experimental investigation with PACT facility and CFD modelling of Oxy-coal combustion with recycling real flue gas and vent gas of compression and purification units (Principal Investigator-Hao Liu, University of Nottingham).
  • Multiphase flow modelling for hazard assessment of dense phase CO2 pipeline containing impurities (Principal Investigator-Haroun Mahgerefteh, UCL).
  • A study of dilution and velocity effects on the flashback and blowoff of an atmospheric methane-oxygen swirl flame (Principal Investigator-Richard Marsh, University of Cardiff).
  • FleCCSNet – Flexible CCS Network development (Principal Investigator-Julia Race, Strathclyde University).
  • UKCCSRC Bio-CAP-UK: Air/Oxy Biomass Combustion with CO2 Capture Technology, UK Study. (Principal Investigator-Mohamed Pourkashanian, University of Sheffield)
  • Fault seal control on storage capacity (Principal Investigator-John Williams, British Geological Society).

Call 2 Posters

  • UK demonstration of enhanced calcium looping, and first global demonstration of advanced doping techniques (Principal Investigator-Ben Anthony, Cranfield University).
  • Novel materials and reforming processing route for the production of ready-separated CO2/N2/H2 from natural gas feedstocks (Principal Investigator-Valerie Dupont, University of Leeds).
  • Advanced sorbents for CCS via controlled sintering (Principal Investigator- Paul Fernell, Imperial College London).
  • Measurement of water solubility limits of CO2 mixtures to underpin the safe pipeline transportation of CO2 (Principal Investigator-Mike George, University of Nottingham).
  • Quantifying residual and dissolution trapping in the CO2CRC Otway injection site (Principal Investigator-Stuart Gilfillan, University of Edinburgh).
  • Process performance index design of task-specific ionic liquids for post-combustion CO2 capture (Principal Investigator-Jason Hallet, Imperial College London).
  • Multiscale Characterization of CO2 Storage in the UK (Principal Investigator-Samuel Krevor, Imperial College London).
  • Towards more flexible power generation with CCS: Pilot plant test campaign for the best practice guidelines for Post-combustion capture (Principal Investigator – Mathew Lucquiaud, University of Edinburgh).
  • Investigating the radiative heat flux in small and large scale oxy-coal furnances for CFD model development and system scale-up (Principal Investigator – Lin Ma, University of Leeds).
  • Performance of flow meters with dense phase CO2 and CCS recovery streams (Principal Investigator-Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Heriot-Watt University).


The dinner was held in the Blenheim Room, Mitchell Hall. During the dinner, participants were served with sumptuous meals and it was another great opportunity for Networking. The dinner was rounded-up with talk titled: In the thick of it: working with new Ministers (The life of a new minister, and how to influence them). By Mathew Billson, University of Sheffield.