Getting out of your research bubble

The 2019 CCS winter school was designed for research students from the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in CCS & Cleaner Fossil Energy and UK CCS research centre to assess and address the challenges of advancing cleaner fossil energy across a broad spectrum of global challenges and contexts.

Research students from the aforementioned research centres and experts from the academia and industry delivered almost 50 oral presentations. It was enlightening getting out of your research bubble, learning what your peers are up to and the global impact of your research. Group work to address the solutions to the challenges of decarbonizing various sectors of the economy were assigned to the research students and include the steel, cement, shipping, plastic and public transport sectors. Each group presented finding to the multi-dimensional solutions on the last day of the Winter School.

The extensive engagement of the research students was such a brilliant learning curve. The individual presentations and group work/presentations gave us an opportunity to better present multi-faceted challenges and research findings into a well-defined oral presentation for the participants of the school. The student engagement also predisposed us to critical thinking towards better delivering innovative solutions to real world challenges.