Gas CCS session at the September 2014 Cardiff Biannual – Part 2

Written by Abigail Diaz from the University of Edinburgh, whose attendance at the UKCCSRC Cardiff Biannual Meeting was supported by the ECR Meeting Fund.

Enzo Magnano from The University of Edinburgh gave a presentation about Adsorption Materials and Processes for Carbon Capture from Gas-Fired Power Plants – AMPGas, a project funded by UKCCSRC, EPSRC, and RCUK. He gave an overview about the progress of this project and his experimental results. He showed a ranking of CO2 capacity for selected carbon materials. A novel bench scale rotary wheel adsorben has been designed and built at the UoE. The main purpose of this equipment is to determine the equilibrium and kinetic properties of novel adsorbents tailored for CO2 capture from diluted streams. Some advantages were mentioned, such as, ability to treat large volumes of gas, lower capital cost, efficiency heat integration, low pressure, and reduction of the size of the capture plant. He presented some preliminary simulation results.