Final report from Call 2 Project: Multiscale characterisation of CO2 storage in the United Kingdom

In this UKCCSRC funded call project, petrophysicists at Imperial College London partnered with reservoir modelers at the British Geological Survey to provide a multiscale evaluation of CO2 flow, trapping, and storage capacity for important storage reservoirs and regions in the UK.

Field scale reservoir simulation and dynamic capacity estimation

The next step in the project was to make use of all of the detailed petrophysical data obtained from the laboratory for modeling CO2 injection into the reservoirs. We were able to make use of already existing models of the Bunter Sandstone that had been previously constructed by the British Geological Survey. We built on this to add more detail and to incorporate the new information about fluid flow and trapping (Figure 4). Additionally, we were able to construct a new model of the South Morecambe field in the East Irish Sea, another important potential target for CO2 storage in the UK.

Future work involves making more detailed measurements of the reservoir systems and overburden layers, and using upscaling techniques to fully incorporate the measurements into reservoir scale modelling.