Exploring Cutting-Edge Research and Career Insights: UKCCSSRC Awayday at Brunel University (Ibrahim Kadafur)

In the realm of groundbreaking research and academic exploration, the UKCCSSRC organized a stimulating and collaborative awayday at Brunel University on November 15th 2023. This enriching session brought together Early Career Researchers (ECRs) from diverse backgrounds, fostering an environment ripe for the exchange of innovative ideas, sharing of research endeavours, and valuable insights into career paths within the field of carbon capture and storage (CCS).

The day commenced with an engaging group exercise designed to ignite collaborative thinking and brainstorming. ECRs were presented with thought-provoking questions centered around CCS, encouraging them to share their visionary ideas and strategies. This exercise not only stimulated creative thinking but also facilitated the sharing of varied perspectives and approaches among the attendees.

Following this interactive session was the compelling “3-Minute PhD Thesis Presentation.” A cohort of talented PhD researchers took the stage, offering concise yet comprehensive glimpses into their pioneering works. Each presentation encapsulated the depth and significance of their research, highlighting the innovative solutions and contributions being made in the realm of CCS.

Roberto Loza delivering his 3-Minute Thesis presentation

Moreover, the event featured some distinguished UKCCSSRC members who shared their enlightening career journey. This segment was a treasure trove of wisdom for the attending ECRs, as the speakers imparted valuable advice gleaned from their experiences. Insightful narratives about challenges overcome, milestones achieved and pivotal career decisions made for an inspiring and educational session. The discussion offered a roadmap for navigating the complex landscape of academia and research in the field of CCS.

Throughout the Awayday, the spirit of collaboration and knowledge exchange was palpable, fostering an atmosphere conducive to learning and networking. The event not only provided a platform for sharing cutting-edge research but also emphasized the importance of mentorship and guidance for burgeoning researchers in the field.

CCS Career Pathway Session: From L-R – Carys Blunt (UKCCSRC), Chet Biliyok (Petrofac), Lydia Rycroft (DESNZ) and Salman Soltani (Brunel University)

The diversity of backgrounds among the ECRs in attendance added a rich tapestry of perspectives, contributing to the vibrant discussions and exchange of ideas. The event served as a testament to the UKCCSSRC’s commitment to nurturing and empowering the next generation of researchers in carbon capture and storage. Information on next events organised by UKCCSRC was delivered alongside the closing remarks by Carys Blunt, the UKCCSRC Finance and Centre Manger, who chaired the session all through along with her colleagues, Rachel Money and Helen Gregory.

In conclusion, the UKCCSSRC’s awayday at Brunel University was a resounding success, characterized by collaborative engagement, insightful discussions and the celebration of pioneering research in CCS. It encapsulated the essence of fostering a community-driven approach towards tackling the challenges of carbon capture and storage while guiding and inspiring the future leaders and innovators in this critical field.

Ibrahim Kadafur, Heriot-Watt University