Conference session blog: What can UKCCSRC do for you?

This blog was produced by Salman Masoudi

During the closing talk of the event, the future of the CCUS and the next steps to take to make this happen were highlighted. Luke Warren from the CCSA, stated the critical point at which we are at and what these next steps could be. The talk started with quotes from Claire Perry MP, Minister for Energy and Clean Growth who is a strong advocate for CCUS. This was followed by current and past evidences and the fact that CCUS still appears to play a critical role in UK decarbonisation. Having said this, the challenges to overcome were also touched on like: the lack of current confidence in CCUS and the absence of CCUS champions in the government, the importance of sustained, material support for projects to progress as well as the embedded widespread understanding on value of CCUS.

The government’s interest in CCUS will be reinforced if the CCUS can be demonstrated to be attractive enough compared to the alternative options. It has been realised that the challenge for the CCUS has changed and it is the matter of commercialisation at the moment. It is also important to realise that CCUS innovation is a key theme and creates further opportunities for the UK plc. Similarly, it has been realised that international collaboration will bolster domestic confidence and help with the global markets for the CCUS.