CCUS Development in the UK: A contemporary Academic and Industrial Perspective

The ‘CCUS development in the UK’ workshop was organized on the backdrop of the ECRs Activity Fund, which enabled ECRs to organize activities in areas of interest to them within a broader CCS realm. This workshop themed ‘A contemporary academic and industrial perspective’ was organized by Michael Onoja @ETclassiQ as one of the beneficiaries of the @UKCCSRC ECRs Activity Fund.

The one-day workshop brought together experts from different academic backgrounds and was indeed a melting pot of invaluable knowledge shared on academic and industrial perspectives on CCUS. Expert contributors include Jim White (British Geological Survey), Samuel Krevor (Imperial College London), Peter Styring (University of Sheffield), Ismael Falcon-Suarez (National Oceanography Centre, Southampton), Alan James (Pale Blue Dot) and Stuart Haszeldine (University of Edinburgh) and details of the presentation topics can be found on @aaaleeds. The major takeaway from this workshop was the understanding of treating CO2 as a commodity and not a waste and as a result there is a huge knowledge gap and opportunities to advance the utilization of CO2 as an imperative commodity that may very well play a commanding role in the 21st century economy. 

However, it was the 3MT challenge that stole the show, as PhD students namely Xu Tang (University of Nottingham), Masoud Ahmadinia (Coventry University), Gloria Mensah (University of Sheffield), Mohammadreza Bagheri (Coventry University) and myself Abdul’Aziz Adamu Aliyu (University of Sheffield) battle it out on the 3MT challenge with Gloria Mensah coming on top. It was a big experience and great learning curve for me to stand and speak about my research work to an audience. Feedback from the examiners was an invaluable input to address areas that I needed to improve on.

Abdul’Aziz Adamu Aliyu (University of Sheffield) giving a 3MT talk at the CCUS development in the UK workshop, Coventry University.