Babatunde Lashore’s account of the IEAGHG Summer School

My name is Babatunde Lashore and I recently attended the IEAHGH CCS Summer School which was held from the 17th to the 22nd July 2017, in Regina, Canada. The IEAGHG Summer School seeks “to provide students with diverse academic backgrounds a broad understanding of the issues surrounding CCS, and encourage their active participation in this area” (reference: IEAGHG). The 11th IEAGHG CCS Summer School successfully accomplished its aims and objectives.

By screening the right group of students to attend the Summer School, the IEAGHG met its aims and objectives. The Summer School consisted of students from different parts of the world featuring more than 10 different countries. My fellow delegates were also at different levels of education and from various academic backgrounds which could benefit from CCS. I particularly enjoyed engaging with other delegates to discuss which area of the CCS technology we felt most technically suited to. I always stated that, although my current Ph.D. Studies in Multi-Fluid Flow in Subsurface Rocks indicates that I am more suited to the area of carbon transportation and storage, I felt my work experience in process engineering has prepared me well for a role in the carbon capture area.

Further to the information above, the 11th IEAGHG CCS Summer School met its aims and objectives by providing the right content, volume and method of delivery. This was achieved by having highly knowledgeable and experienced presenters as well as by making the programme structure properly balanced between classroom learning, field trip and group exercise. There was also the added opportunity for further learnings through the networking opportunities which afforded the delegates the chance to engage with the presenters and CCS technology experts on a one-on-one basis. Personally, I tremendously enjoyed the opportunity to see the CCS technology working at SaskPower’s Boundary Unit 3. Going forward, this would give me the bold confidence to say to that I have seen CCS work.

I am truly excited to have attended the 11th IEAGHG Summer School because of the knowledge obtained from the course as well as the networking opportunity it presented. I hope to be an active member of the CCC industry in future, who is not only talking and learning about the various areas of the CCS technology but is really involved in project which prevents tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.