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This blog was produced by Patrick Brandl What are the showstoppers for CCS? During the UKCCSRC Programme conference, experts from academia and industry discussed the need for further R&D to close the knowledge gaps associated with CO 2 storage and CCS deployed for gas fired power plants. The summary of the group’s findings are shown in the image below. After defining innovation as increasing performance and reducing the costs associated with the combined power and capture plant, the discussion shifted into defining risks associated with the storage of CO 2 . Deploying CCS in the near and mid-term requires making investment decisions under uncertainty; an example of an uncertainty is the heterogeneity of the storage sites. A vast research effort...Read more
This blog was produced by Salman Masoudi During the closing talk of the event, the future of the CCUS and the next steps to take to make this happen were highlighted. Luke Warren from the CCSA, stated the critical point at which we are at and what these next steps could be. The talk started with quotes from Claire Perry MP, Minister for Energy and Clean Growth who is a strong advocate for CCUS. This was followed by current and past evidences and the fact that CCUS still appears to play a critical role in UK decarbonisation. Having said this, the challenges to overcome were also touched on like: the lack of current confidence in CCUS and the absence of...Read more
This blog was produced by Sergio Rameirez Solis What is the role of R&D in hydrogen in the CCSU landscape? Global warming is a primary concern considering the mean Earth’s temperature has raised significantly since the industrial revolution. CO 2 as a long-lived greenhouse gas and primary contributor to climate change is the aim of hundreds of investigations. Our close reliance in using fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) for covering world energy demand has represented the largest source of CO 2 with a substantial contribution and impact in the environment. Efforts in many sectors have been made to control and mitigate anthropogenic CO 2 emissions such as carbon capture technologies and renewable energy sources but there is still...Read more
This blog was produced by Kranthi Jonnalagadda Research frontiers in CO 2 shipping and storage What happens when you meet a nerd? Some of the energetic passion rubs onto you! That’s what happened to us when we were sitting around the table In the UKCCSRC conference at the University of Sheffield. We were discussing CO 2 storage and shipping combinations. The session was led by a scientist from the industry. While the underlying current throughout the conference was how was to commercialise carbon capture technology and will industry accept carbon capture technology, here at the table were industry stalwarts who had seen it all, and done it all! It couldn’t have been a better setting to learn about current state...Read more