BEIS consultation on Cluster sequencing for CCUS

Today, 10th February, see the opening of the government consultation on Cluster Sequencing for Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage deployment.

The consultation builds on various government announcements and publications around CCUS, and is seeking views on a potential mechanism for allocating government support packages to CCUS projects. It is open for responses for four weeks, closing on 10 March 2021.

The potential selection process that is suggested in the consultation has two phases. In Phase-1, government would receive applications from CCUS clusters and provisionally sequence those clusters to receive government support, while in Phase-2, government would make final decisions on the allocation of funding to individual projects within clusters.

The consultation invites views on:

  • The suggested two-phase process for allocating CCUS programme support
  • The timeline on which we would execute this process
  • The details of the potential Phase-1 cluster selection process, including suggested evaluation criteria and the way in which these criteria would be compared
  • The direction of travel for Phase-2 of this process, including how we might approach allocating support to specific projects within clusters

The team running the consultation are particularly keen that the consultation allows them to hear the views of stakeholders directly involved in the clusters, as well as wider industry and environmental NGOs with an interest in CCUS; however, anyone with an interest in the sector is welcome to respond.

If you have any questions regarding this consultation, please direct them to Please also share this news story with other stakeholders who you think may have an interest in this consultation.

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