Background and Scene-setting to CCS

This page brings together presentations on background and scene-setting to CCS around the world (policy updates, economics, funders' reports, etc.) 

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UK and General:

Country Title Type Date
UK Delivering cost-effective CCS in the 2020s Working group Feb 2016 on
UK Lowest cost decarbonisation for the UK: Findings of the Oxburgh Committee (Stuart Haszeldine, University of Edinburgh/SCCS) Biannual plenary 15/09/2016
UK Lessons Learned from the UK CCS Programmes (Patrick Dixon, CCSA) Biannual plenary 15/09/2016
UK/Global Biannual plenary session - CCS in the Wider Economy Biannual plenary 14/09/2016
UK Discussion panel – CCS in the UK: Moving forward Biannual plenary 14/04/2016
UK/Europe ECCSEL, the pan-European CCS Research Infrastructure (Helen Taylor, BGS) Biannual plenary 14/04/2016
Global Biomass Energy and CCS (BECCS) and the 2°C target Biannual plenary session 13/04/2016
Global COP21 and CCS (Tim Dixon, IEAGHG) Biannual plenary 13/04/2016
General Financing CCS Demonstration Projects: Lessons Learned from Two Decades of Experience (Howard Herzog, MIT) Biannual plenary 13/04/2016
UK RCUK update - UK CCS, an update from EPSRC (Celia Yeung, EPSRC) Biannual plenary 13/04/2016
UK and General

UKCCSRC ECR Winter School 2016:

UK Energy Policy and CCS (Jim Watson, UKERC)

Capturing CO2: Background and current status for conventional power generation (Jon Gibbins, UKCCSRC)

CCS Economics and Financing (Jeremy Carey, 42Technology)

Carbon Storage and Monitoring (Jon Gluyas, Durham University)

UK Energy Market: Policy and Regulation (Matthew Billson, Energy2050/University of Sheffield)

ECR Winter School 15-18/02/2016
UK CCS: Pathways to Commercialisation Specialist Meeting 09/11/2015
UK An update on the UK Government's CCS Policy (Brian Allison, DECC) Biannual plenary 09/09/2015
UK Update on the TINA Refresh (Joshua Brunert, The Carbon Trust) Biannual plenary 08/09/2015
UK A NERC perspective of CCS (Chris Franklin, NERC) Biannual plenary 22/04/2015
UK CCS in the Process Industries (John Gale, IEAGHG) Biannual plenary 22/04/2015
UK / Norway / Canada UK-Norway-Canada CO2 Capture Meeting Research update 18/03/2015
UK ETI studies on CCS in UK energy supplies to 2030 and beyond (George Day, ETI) Webinar 17/11/2014
UK Update on DECC CCS Scoping Document (Matthew Billson, DECC)  Biannual plenary 11/09/2014
UK ESRC, Energy and the Nexus (Eloise Meller, ESRC) Biannual plenary 10/09/2014
General Economics of Industrial CCS Demonstration (Harsh Pershad, Element Energy) Biannual plenary 10/09/2014
UK The Low Carbon Transition in Wales (Peter Pearson, LCRI) Biannual plenary 10/09/2014
General Challenges Facing CCS Biannual plenary 03/04/2014
UK CCS in the UK Energy Landscape Biannual plenary 02/04/2014
General Cumulative carbon and the case for mandatory CCS (Myles Allen, University of Oxford) Biannual plenary 02/04/2014
General Rethinking CCS - Moving Forward in Times of Uncertainty (Howard Herzog, MIT) Biannual plenary 05/09/2013
UK Revising the CCS R&D Roadmap (Philip Sharman, APGTF) Biannual plenary 05/09/2013
UK CO2Chem (Peter Styring, CO2Chem) Biannual plenary 08/04/2013
UK Industry/Manufacturing and CCS (Jane Lumb, BIS) Biannual plenary 08/04/2013
UK Energy Bill 2012-13: Update on Economics and Financing for CCS under EMR Specialist meeting 23/01/2013
UK CCS Cost Reduction Task Force (Ian Donaldson, The Crown Estate) Biannual plenary 19/09/2012
UK The Crown Estate CCS Programme (Ward Goldthorpe, The Crown Estate) Biannual plenary 19/09/2012
Country Title Type Date
Mexico CCUS Road Map for Mexico (MVP Martinez, Electrical Research Institute) Seminar and webinar 13/11/2015
Various International CCS Biannual technical session 09/09/2015
Europe Horizon 2020 Update (Jon Gibbins, UKCCSRC) Biannual plenary 09/09/2015
Canada CCS Action in Canada Biannual plenary 21/04/2015
UK / Norway / Canada UK-Norway-Canada CO2 Capture Meeting Research update 18/03/2015
Various International CCS Part 1 Part 2 Biannual technical session 11/09/2014
Netherlands CATO2 Overview and future plans (Jan Brouwer, CATO) Biannual plenary 11/09/2014
USA CCUS in the USA: Activity, prospects and academic research (Alissa Park, Columbia University/RCN-CCUS) Biannual plenary 11/09/2014
Europe CCS in H2020: Overview, Lessons Learned and Next Steps (EU Energy Focus) Webinar 15/07/2014
Australia Research Supporting Australian Capture & Storage Options (Noel Simento, Anlec R&D) Seminar 06/05/2014
China / UK CCS Developments in Guangdong, China, and the UK Specialist meeting 26/09/2013
Europe EERA and Horizon 2020 (Jonathan Pearce, BGS) Biannual plenary 05/09/2013
Australia CCS in Australia and Otway Basin Developments (Peter Cook, CO2CRCC) Biannual plenary 05/09/2013
Japan CCS and CCT In Japan (Yasuhiro Yamauchi, NEDO) Seminar 23/04/2013
China Progress and Roadmap of CCUS in China (Dr. Zhang Xian, School of Management and Economics, Beijing) Seminar 16/04/2013
Japan Carbon Capture and Storage in Japan (Akiyoshi Hashimoto, Japan Electric Power Information Centre, Inc. (JEPIC)) Seminar 15/02/2013
South Korea Current Status of CCS in Korea (Chonghun Han, Seoul National University) Seminar 30/01/2013
China CCS in China & the Guangdong CCS‐Readiness Study (GDCCSR) (Prof. Di Zhou, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, CAS) Seminar 28/01/2013