Workshop on Engineering the Physics of CO2

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.

Aim: CCS is already proven and can be delivered with currently available technology. There are, however, areas where the technology we are deploying, by its very nature adapted from other industries, has room for improvement or even replacement by newer technology.

The aim of this workshop is to highlight and explore key areas where there is a lot of opportunity for innovation, areas which industry experts have encountered from working on the UK demonstration projects and the UK Storage Appraisal Project. Workshop discussions will address the significant opportunity for focused R&D to improve CCS and make a difference to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Led by: This workshop will be an eclectic mixture of discussions on practical topics, led by industry experts Owain Tucker from Shell and Angus Reid from Costain.

Attendees: Through discussions at this workshop, it is hoped that focused R&D priorities to further improve CCS will be identified.

Workshop format: The workshop will be divided into four parts, each an hour long. Participants will discuss four themes during the course of the worshop which will be introduced by Owain Tucker from Shell and Angus Reid from Costain.

Steve Murphy from Pale Blue Dot will chair discussions.

The list of real-world issues below gives a taste of the kinds of topics that are expected to be addressed under these themes.

The themes to be discussed will require a multidisciplinary approach so experts in a wide range of areas, who can also think out of the box, are likely to enjoy this event.

Topics will include:

  • Managing the CO2 phase envelope in pipelines and wells
  • Simulating mixtures and backflow analysis
  • Pipeline design and well components
  • How does the subsurface flex?
  • Shale or toothpaste? Understanding the increase in storage security from mobile shales.
  • Handling water
  • Enhancing our understanding of the marine environment? 

The workshop will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 13 September 2016, meeting at 12:00 with lunch provided.

Please indicate your interest in attending the workshop by completing the short form at the foot of this page, as spaces are limited. The UKCCSRC will contact you to confirm whether a place is available. Many thanks.

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