Webinar: CCS in H2020 – July 2014

CCS in H2020: Overview, Lessons Learned and Next Steps
The CCS in H2020 webinar will be hosted by UKCCSRC and given by The EU Energy Focus team*. The webinar will focus on CCS in H2020 with particular emphasis on the Energy Challenge WP 2014-2015 calls related to CSS.
There is much current activity surrounding these calls:

  • Progression of some UK participants in the current (2014) LCE 15 & 16 to the second round
  • The next LCE 15 call (termed 2015 but deadline in 2014!)
  • The (anticipated) launch of LCE17 “Highly flexible and efficient fossil fuel power plants” (with deadline in 2014)
  • ERA-Net Co-fund actions within LCE 19

All the above fall within the H2020 Energy Challenge Work Packages for 2014-2015 and some have tight deadlines
The webinar will provide a brief overview of H2020 as relevant for CCS and then focus on the above issues. We anticipate drawing strong interest from those actively involved in building new, or consolidating existing, consortia. The pros and cons of industry (large or SME) in consortia will also be examined. There will be opportunity to feed back and give perspectives that will ultimately be part of the UK’s communication to the Commission on both the present Challenge and on the scope and breadth of the forthcoming calls. The mechanism for this will be explained during the webinar.
Recognising the sensitivity surrounding participation in H2020 consortia i.e. the need for discretion, we plan to offer anonymity to participants. Moreover, although the webinar content will be publicly available as a content archive, any questions asked by participants will NOT be published after the webinar.
Please revisit this page in the run up to the webinar. Announcements from the Commission are expected imminently.
*The EU Energy Focus is funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to provide support for UK organisations on European energy programmes. It is part of European National Contact Point network.

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