Understanding the cost of retrofitting CO2 capture to integrated oil refineries – the ReCap Project – IEAGHG Webinar – 25 October 2017

IEAGHG are pleased to announce our next webinar, presented by Rahul Anantharaman and Simon Roussanaly, SINTEF Energy Research
The presentation will focus on the results of the ReCap project, where the focus has been on understanding the cost associated with retrofitting CO2 capture to existing oil refineries. Oil refineries are characterised by the fact that they have many emission points with varying CO2 concentrations, which differs from most other energy-intensive industrial plants. Space constraints for the capture facilities can be a challenge. The cost of integrating CO2 capture into the refinery, including ducting and clearing space for absorbers and FGDs, is evaluated as part of the CO2 avoidance cost. An excel tool for calculating the CO2 avoidance cost, developed as part of the project, will also be presented. In addition to presenting results and conclusions for technology and costs, ideas on how to reduce costs compared to ReCap’s results will be discussed.
This will be held on Wednesday 25th October at 12pm (BST). Register here.

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