UKCCSRC Programme Conference, Sheffield – 11 September 2018

UKCCSRC Programme Conference, 11 September 2018, Sheffield

Supporting CCUS Implementation Through Innovation

2018 has been an eventful year for CCS, with the Committee on Climate Change releasing two reports* strongly in favour of CCUS in the UK, the release of the Mission Innovation report “Accelerating Breakthrough Innovation in CCUS” and, not least, the formation of the Ministerial Council for CCUS and the Cost Challenge Taskforce.
In light of the Cost Challenge Task Force (CCTF) Report, released on 19 July 2018, we are making a change to our usual autumn conference and instead we will review the CCTF report to assess where UKCCSRC members and associates can contribute to delivering its aspirations. We will have experts from the CCTF leading discussions, and the focus of the meeting will be the role of CCUS research and development following on from the report.
*Reducing UK Emissions: 2018 Progress Report To Parliament and An Independent Assessment Of The UK’s Clean Growth Strategy

Slides and session blogs will be added to the agenda below, if/when available

Read all the blogs from the Autumn 2018 Programme Conference here. 
Agenda, 11 September

11:00 – 11:30The CCUS Opportunity, Debbie Stockwell, Sandbag
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Value and benefits of CCUS, Niall Mac Dowell, Imperial College London
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11:30- 12:15Implementation – CCUS Clusters
– Cluster principles
– Cluster examples
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12:15 – 13:00Developing a Pipeline of Financeable UK Projects, David Reiner, University of Cambridge
– Allocation of risks
– Driving down the cost of CCUS
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13:00 – 14:00Lunch and Poster Display
14:00 – 16:00During this session delgates split into theme groups to discuss the priority research directions for CCUS in relation to that theme. The themes are as follows:
Storage and Gas Power
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Steel Industry
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Storage & Shipping Combinations
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16:00 – 16:30Next Steps for CCUS: Luke Warrren, CCSA
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16:30 – 17:30Networking drinks reception and poster display

Poster Display

Below are PDFs of some of the posters displayed at the conference:
Eduardo Garcia: Ilmenite as alternative bed material in combustion of coal and biomass blends in fluidized beds (Winner of the ECR poster competition)
Khalil Alhanashi: Removal of CO2 from High Pressure Raw Natural Gas
Patrick Brandl: Techno-economic screening of CO2 capture solvents
Phebe Linette Bonilla Prado: Molecular simulation of CO2 capture on Hydrotalcite as solid sorbent
Renato Manuel Pereira Cabral: A synergistic approach to decarbonise the industrial sector with BECCS
Sergio Ramirez Solis: CaO-based CO2 sorbents with enhanced thermal stability for applications to Sorption-Enhanced Steam Reforming Process
Pooya Hoseinpoori: Values and limitations of H2 in decarbonisation of heat in the UK (Winner of the ECR poster competition)
Praveen Bains: The role of CCS in the UK’s power sector decarbonisation using high temporal and spatial resolution modelling
Mai Bui: Flexible operation of CO2 capture plants at different scales (Winner of the ECR poster competition)
Adeola Awoyomi: Ship-based CCS
Fatih Gulec: The utilisation of CO2 capture technologies in the fluid catalytic cracking unit
Hisham Al Baroudi: CO2 Shipping and emission control

Take a look at the event photos.


Early Career Researcher Awayday, 12 September 2018, Sheffield

On the following day to the Programme Conference we are holding an ECR Awayday. Our ECR Awaydays are a chance for the next generation of CCS researchers to develop skills and networks beneficial for career progression. Please register for this event using the form below.
Agenda, 12 September

The following agenda is open to UKCCSRC ECR members only
9:00 – 9:30Registration
9:30 – 10:00Welcome
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10:00 – 11:15Public Engagement Workshop
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11:15 – 11:30Break
11:30 – 12:30Communication skills from the experts
Twitter: Just how useful is it? Jen Roberts, University of Strathclyde
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Don’t be a Twitter Egg, Partick Brandle, Imperial College London
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12:30 – 13:30Lunch
13:30 – 14:15Communications skills from the experts
Using your university marketing team
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Communicating with Industry, Richard Smith, Howden
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14:15 – 15:00Peer reviewing posters
15:00 – 15:30Closing session


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