UKCCSRC Biannual, Sheffield – 8-9 April 2013

The 2013 Spring UKCCSRC  Biannual Meeting was hosted by the University of Sheffield on 8-9 April 2013.  There were 120 delegates registered, from the entire CCS value chain and spanning across academia, government, industry and NGOs.  The meeting provided a comprehensive update on current CCS research and facilitated networking and knowledge sharing amongst the delegates.
Overviews from newly funded CCS research projects were presented on 8 April.  Parallel technical sessions in the subject areas of storage, capture, and cross cutting issues took place over the two days with speakers presenting updates and results of a host of projects nearing completion or recently completed.  There were also many posters allowing non-presenters the opportunity to share their research.
Field trips to the PACT facilities also took place, on Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon.
The agenda and available presentations can be dowloaded here in the proceedings document
Presentations made at the meeting are available to download below:
Monday plenary session:
Jon Gibbins, UKCCSRC Director: Welcome and UK CCS Research Centre update
Jane Lumb, BIS: Industry/Manufacturing and CCS
Peter Styring: CO2Chem
Rebecca Leithall, EPSRC: CCS research funding update
Trevor Drage, University of Nottingham. Research group leader, Capture: Intro to Capture sessions
Robin Irons, E.ON: Research challenges – capture from a user perspective
Mark Matzopoulos, PS Enterprise: Modelling CCS systems
Cross-cutting Issues:
David Reiner, University of Cambridge. Research group leader – Cross-cutting Issues: Intro to Cross-cutting issues
Russell Cooper, National Grid: Research challenges – cross cutting issues from a user perspective
Harsh Pershad, Element Energy: presentation based upon the report  Carbon capture and storage (CCS) costs for UK industry: High level review
Rosie Whitbread, Health  & Safety Laboratory: The challenge of developing regulatory frameworks for emerging technologies
Stuart Haszeldine, University of Edinburgh. Research group leader – Storage
Tony Espie, BP Alternative Energy: Research challenges – storage from a user perspective
Sevket Durucan, Imperial College London: Key performance indicators for CO2 storage operability and efficiency assessment
James Verdon, Bristol University: Geomechanical responses of large-scale storage sites
Simon Mathius, Durham University: Probabilistic estimates of dynamic capacity
Mike Bickle, University of Cambridge: Predicting fluid-mineral interactions during geological carbon storage
Caroline Graham, BGS: CONTAIN – The impact of hydrocarbon depletion on the treatment of caprocks within performance assessment for CO2 injection schemes
Tuesday plenary session:
Matthew Billson, DECC: CCS Developments and the R&D Roadmap Update
Andy Chadwick, BGS: UK CCS Data Archive
The meeting was held at the Endcliffe Village Campus of the University of Sheffield.

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