UKCCSRC Biannual, Nottingham – 4-5 September 2013

The 2013 Autumn Biannual UKCCSRC Meeting was held in Nottingham on 4-5 September 2013 and was hosted  by the Nottingham Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage.
The agenda and available presentations can be downloaded here in the proceedings document.
Details of the programme and the opportunity to download the presentations are below.
Wednesday 4 September
1330-1340           Welcome and UK CCS Research Centre update: Jon Gibbins, UKCCSRC Director
1340-1350           Welcome from the Nottingham Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage  –Trevor Drage 
1350-1405           Rebecca Leithall, EPSRC – CCS research funding update 
1405-1450           John Gale, IEAGHG – Learning from previous FEED Studies
1530-1615           Robin Irons, E.ON – Maasvlakte update 
1615-1700           KEYNOTE: Peta Ashworth, CSIRO – Acceptance, tolerance and a social license to operate 
1745-1820           CCS Data Hub Workshop: Rod Bowie, BGS and Maxine Akhurst, BGS
Thursday 5 September
0915-1000           KEYNOTE: Peter Cook, CO2CRC – CCS in Australia and Otway Basin Developments 1000-1030           Philip Sharman, APGTF – Revising the CCS R&D Roadmap 
1115-1130           Jonathan Pearce, BGS – EERA and Horizon 2020
1130-1215           EPSRC Geological Storage Call: Project Summaries
Andy Chadwick, BGS
– DiSECCS: Diagnostic Seismic toolbox for the Efficient Control of CO2 Storage 
– The impaCt of hydrOcarbon depletioN on the Treatment  of cAprocks within performance assessment for CO2 InjectioN schemes (CONTAIN)
Stuart Gilfillan, University of Edinburgh – Fingerprinting captured CO2 using natural tracers: Determining CO2 fate and proving ownership 
1315-1430           UKCCSRC Research Area Groups Parallel Sessions
Themes: Industry views on research needs, industry engagement, supporting the development of CCS research priorities
Capture Session
Research group leader and Chair: Trevor Drage, University of Nottingham
Jeremy Carey – 42 Technology 
Mike Farley – Consultant 
Andrew Green – CCS Programme Manager, ETI
Greg Kelsall – Alternative Energy Concepts Group Head, Alstom
Cross-cutting Issues Session
Research group leader and Chair: David Reiner, University of Cambridge
George Day – Head of Economic Strategy, ETI
Chris Littlecott – Senior Policy Adviser, E3G
Bryony Livesey – Manager, Research and Technology, Costain
Alfredo Ramos – Head of CCS & Power, Process Systems Enterprise Ltd
Storage Session
Research group leader and Chair: Stuart Haszeldine, University of Edinburgh
Dennis Gammer – CCS Strategy Manager, ETI  
Rosemary Whitbread – Principal Consultant, Health  & Safety Laboratory 
Facilitated discussion about industry engagement and research needs and exploring options for a UK CO2 test injection site (notes from Storage Session)
1430-1515           KEYNOTE: Howard Herzog, MIT – Rethinking CCS – Moving Forward in Times of Uncertainty

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