UKCCSRC and Imperial College London Webinar – SaskPower Boundary Dam CCS Project with Mike Monea – 17 November 2014

This is a UKCCSRC Webinar of a live seminar at Imperial College by SaskPower President of CCS Initiatives Mike Monea. This seminar is hosted by Dr Niall Mac Dowell, Lecturer in Energy and Environmental Technology and Policy, under the banner of Imperial College’s Energy Future Lab and the IC4S/QCCSRC, along with support from the UKCCSRC, IChemE and the UK Science & Innovation Network. An introduction address will be given by Prof Geoffrey Maitland, Professor of Energy Engineering and former Director of the QCCSRC and the current IChemE President.
Presentation and webinar recording now available:
PowerPoint presentation by Mike Monea, President of CCS Initiatives at SaskPower (videos not included)
Webinar recording (slide 15 onwards), including Q&A (will open via GoToWebinar)
Webinar recording (slides 1-15), no commentary, videos included (will open via GoToWebinar)

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