The UK’s first industrial CCS cluster – Introducing the Teesside Collective (webinar)

The widespread application of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology on industrial processes such as steel, chemical and cement manufacturing, is increasingly recognised as a key priority for tackling CO2 emissions from these vital energy intensive industries.

The Teesside Collective is a cluster of leading industries based in the North East England who are collaborating to create Europe’s first Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) equipped industrial zone.  Teesside Collective is not a traditional CCS project. Its focus is on capturing and storing emissions from chemical, steel and process industries – not the power sector. In 2013 the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change provided £1m to undertake initial engineering, help develop a business case for deploying industrial CCS in the Teesside area, and to make recommendations for a funding mechanism to incentivise the creation of industrial CCS clusters.

We are privileged to have Sarah Tennison, Low Carbon Economy Manager from The Teesside Collective join us for this Webinar. Sarah will introduce the Teesside Collective and talk about the project findings to date.

The industrial CCS initiative being scoped by Teesside Collective is hoping to make both an environmental and economic case for the development of this technology– stimulating economic benefits for the local area and beyond.

Spaces are limited, please register for this webinar if you would like to join it.

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