Systems Integration of Energy Supply and Demand Scoping Workshop

EPSRC as part of its contribution to the RCUK Energy Programme is inviting Expressions of Interest to attend a one-day workshop on Wednesday 24 June 2015 to engage in discussion to identify research challenges in the area of systems integration of energy supply and demand. The outcomes of this workshop will feed directly into a subsequent £5 million call for proposals for a single multidisciplinary Research Centre in the area.

The workshop will concentrate on the integration technology required from supply to demand side management to achieve sustainable and efficient energy systems (see Figure 1 in the call document, available under the “Resources” heading on this page). The role and integration of electricity, gas and heat will be considered.

The workshop will be used to identify the current gaps in the research required to consider both generation and demand side management aspects in order to achieve true energy systems integration, building on and adding to existing research and expertise in the area.

For example, the following topics could be considered:

  • How we can tackle the rebound effects associated with increased electrification of vehicles as well as domestic and commercial heating systems?
  • The scope of existing system models and exploring the need for and possibility of creating one framework and provided analytical tools for the whole energy system in the UK
  • Optimisation of demand side management and supply matching in self-contained power systems as well as large-scale grids
  • How can heat and electricity be integrated into the energy system
  • Consider the best structure for the subsequent Centre which would be able to address the challenges identified at the workshop, be that a multi-institution consortium or hub and spoke model

More information about the workshop is here and to register click here.

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