Smart energy networks: innovation, regulation and market competition

With focus on network innovation, regulation, and priorities for increasing market competition, this seminar will provide a timely opportunity to assess next steps for smart energy networks in the UK.
It is timed following the establishment of the Energy Systems Catapult in April 2015, with discussion on the early development of the Catapult’s work streams aimed at transforming the UK’s energy networks.
Delegates will assess the latest progress made by the energy industry towards establishing smart electricity and heat networks including an evaluation of Ofgem’s RIIO-ED1 price control which for the first time establishes price controls and a regulatory framework for the next 8-year period.
Sessions will also look into ‘Whole-Systems’ management of the UK’s energy networks, including latest innovation in demand-side response technology, the integration of diverse energy sources, and the implementation of localised energy systems.
Further discussion will bring out the latest thinking into the financial and regulatory challenges to network development, the priorities for increasing market competition, and an assessment of the commercial opportunities for energy companies.
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