Scientific infrastructure in the UK – long-term investment, strategic planning and partnerships

Guest of Honour: Dr Martyn Sené, Deputy Director, National Physical Laboratory
This seminar will look at the state of the UK’s scientific infrastructure and future priorities for investment.
Delegates will discuss what needs to be done to ensure that the UK retains world-class science facilities and its role in multi-national infrastructure projects such as the Large Hadron Collider and the SKA Radio Telescope. They will also assess the balance between investment in large-scale projects and smaller scale facilities – and how government, universities, businesses and the wider science community can work together to strategically plan investment in new infrastructure into the long-term in a way that reacts to new challenges and keeps pace with new discoveries arising over time. Delegates will examine the how the policy and investment landscape has changed since 2013 House of Lords Science and Technology Committee inquiry into scientific infrastructure with particular reference to the proposals contained within the Coalition Government’s Science and Innovation Strategy, published in January 2015.

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