Rock Doctors to the Rescue – 8 April 2017

A Global CCS Institute, UKCCSRC and SCCS event supported by Dynamic Earth as part of Edinburgh International Science Festival 2017
Times: Walks 10.30 and 13.30, Exhibition 10.00-16.00
A 2.5km outdoor walk exploring the geology that makes Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) possible. Open to all aged 7+ with a moderate level of fitness. Outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear advised.
Let us take you on a journey through 145 million years of geological time to discover the rocks that can help Britain’s top GeoScientists (Rock Doctors) meet the urgent global climate challenge. Time travelers will be guided around Holyrood Park by Geo-Guides. With fun activities, fascinating facts and genuine rock and fossil samples along the way, participants will be encouraged to take the Rock Star Challenge and earn different Rock Star stickers.
The journey will begin and end at Dynamic Earth, where you can meet the Rock Doctors and Engineers who are developing CCS projects in the UK. There will be a Geologist’s Corner for budding young Rock Doctors. And there’s even the chance to travel high above the Earth and deep underground using Shell’s virtual reality app.
The CCS Booth and Geologist’s Corner will be at Dynamic Earth all day between 10am and 4pm.
FREE but ticketed, with limited spaces. Book via Our Dynamic Earth.

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