Next steps for the UK renewable energy sector: priorities, subsidies, and 2030 targets

Guest of Honour: Michael Rutter, Head of Renewables Delivery, Department of Energy and Climate Change
Delegates at this conference will examine prospects for the UK Renewable energy sector as 2020 targets approach, and assess the latest developments and next steps needed as international 2030 targets are discussed.
Planned sessions focus on the finalisation of Contracts for Difference regime with analysis of projects that have been funded and the future of those technologies not initially selected, and assessment of wider issues for the renewable industry as a whole – including the future of subsidies and other sources of investment, and challenges related to planning and to political uncertainty going into the next Parliament.
Sessions will bring together key policymakers from Parliament and Whitehall with regulators, and stakeholders in the energy industry and their technology partners, local authorities, consumer groups and other interested parties.
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