Next steps for renewable energy in Scotland – funding, development and policy priorities

As the Scottish Government plans to review its current energy policy – and following both the UK Parliament’s inquiry into investor confidence in the UK energy sector and the early closure of the Renewable Obligation for new projects in April 2016 – this seminar will assess the next steps for renewable energy in Scotland.
Discussion will focus on how to ensure long-term development and commercial viability of renewable energy technology, and generation and transmission infrastructure within the context of the cuts to subsidies, including challenges facing technological innovation, and demand management. Delegates will also consider the priorities for energy security, following the recent announcement that the Scottish Government will carry out research into unconventional oil and gas extraction.
Further planned sessions consider the role and potential expansion of community energy, and priorities for skills development within the sector.
At this early stage, we are delighted that Simon Coote, Head of Energy Industries, The Scottish Government; Kersti Berge, Partner, Electricity Transmission and Head of Scotland, Ofgem and Paul Cooley, Director of Renewables, SSE have agreed to deliver keynote addresses.

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