NERC community consultation event – public engagement – 6 April 2017

NERC are currently planning the second call under their Public Engagement Strategy, through which they will make an ambitious, large-scale investment (of up to £1·3m over 3 years) to achieve national impact in public engagement with one or more contemporary issues of environmental science.
At the core of this flagship programme will be a co-production approach- external link to public engagement with environmental science research and researchers. This will challenge the status quo and will require collaboration on a national scale, across academic disciplines (including those outside NERC remit, such as the social sciences, arts and humanities) and partnerships with organisations and publics.
NERC are inviting applications to attend a community consultation event on 6 April 2017 in Manchester, the outputs of which will challenge NERC to be bold and ambitious, directly informing the call, which we plan to launch shortly after.
The event will bring together a diverse set of people who have the potential to shape and be involved in our bold plans going forward, including environmental scientists, public engagement specialists and also contributors from the social sciences, arts and humanities.
The one-day workshop will have the following aims:

  1. Unearth different perspectives on the challenges of public engagement with contemporary issues of environmental science (such as climate change, fracking, pollution, biodiversity…) and identify how these can shape the scope of thecall.
  2. Build on learning from previous public engagement experience and insights, including NERC’s 2016 Public Engagement call and our 2017 Public Insight Survey which is currently under way.
  3. Set the tone for interdisciplinary and co-production approaches to public engagement, providing an opportunity for potential collaborators to meet each other.
  4. Identify capacity building, training and development needs in the environmental science researcher community that can be built through this call.

NERC intend to invite approximately 50 participants who will be selected to ensure a balance of different perspectives, disciplines, expertise and affiliations, with diversity in mind.
If you would like to apply to attend the consultation event, please complete the online registration form telling NERC why you should be there in no more than 200 words. Please note that only the person completing the form will considered to be invited to attend (no deputising) and an application to attend is taken as a commitment that you are free and able to travel for a full day workshop in Manchester city centre on 6 April 2017.
The closing date for applications to attend is 16:00 on Wednesday 15 March 2017. Invited participants will be notified by Friday 17 March 2017.
For further details please see the NERC website or contact:
Hannah King
01793 411572

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